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Automatic guided vehicle transport systems – this is an international and dynamic growth market. ANT-System offers complete system solutions for in-house ­logistics, from AGVs to milkruns, through to complex ­manufacturing and logistic systems.

[quote]From store to production line in one go.
Flexible, uncomplicated, and just as you need it.[/quote]
Do you know the situation of transporting pallet A to the pallet place B, and vice versa? In each production distances play an important role. At the same time, companies are heading for economic and efficient ways to save time, mistakes and costs.

AGVs cover all kinds of transport and material flow applications. They can adjust to variations in transport demands and an increasing degree of automation. Also, you can add more vehicles after some months/years, if you wish.
Automatic guided vehicles have become part and parcel of many plants. Their economic and practical advantages, as well as their ongoing technical evolution, have opened up new areas, invariably replacing established transport equipment like forklifts and pallet trucks to create a “stackerless factory.”

The present AGV system is based on an optical track, i.e. with a camera. This means that no magnets, no inductions and no laser technique are involved.