Box lean and special boxes

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Storage, packing, assembly, logistics… Eurobins are a must-have in every situation. BeeWaTec offers several systems, along with matching shelving, trolleys and accessories. Either with euro norm boxes or with plastic bins – we are pleased to help you!

[quote]Storage room, packing, assembly, logistics
… Inevitable in every situation.[/quote]
Returnable transit packaging provides considerable gains in profitability of logistical flows. Our design offices allow us to offer custom solutions adapted to your requirements, while ensuring optimal protection for your parts. Our offerings range from small to large containers to fixed or flexible PP fittings, to mainly secondary or tertiary packaging solutions.
Our range of containers fit perfectly into our clients’ logistics chains. Their strength, durability and modularity set them as the benchmarks in their field. The lids and pallets are produced using twin sheet thermoforming. Akylux® or Akyboard® sleeves are fully adaptable to match the container or the desired strength.