E-Frames and Milkruns trolleys

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The BEEasy system is based on pure mechanic functionality.
This means there is neither electronic nor hydraulic components
in the BEEasy solutions.

[quote]The System for Milkruns and tugger trains – to create more efficiency within your material flow.[/quote]
BEEasy trailer system can be combined in any order among each other, with max. 5 trailers (tractiv force max. 3000 kg). Individual platforms/trailers can transport up to 800 kg (depending on the choice of wheels). By applying the “BEEasy to change” principle a tubular frame made of pipe racking system by G.S ACE can be added any time.

Just take your hands or your foot – and go! At BEEasy 2E, for example, a simple pedal helps you to unlock the platform.

Nowadays the material flow within a company’s premises has become a key aspect to think about. We provide interesting low-cost solutions that you can easily adapt to your needs.
With the trailer and platform system BEEasy, for example, you can effectively implement internal procurement logistics.
Additionally to the standard and customized versions of trailers and platforms, you can add pipe racking elements to your intralogistic means.You wish to add a shelf-structure upon a BEEasy platform? No problem – do it by yourself or ask us to assist you.

A tugger train or a milkrun system only works successfully when using excellent and load-resistant couplings and towing bars. With our square pipe system, which is all about base frames, corner pieces, couplings and towing bars, almost any requirement can be me.